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Solid & Innovative Real Estate Investments in Cyprus

Skyy Consulting raises the bar in property investment in the Republic of Cyprus. Combining collaboration and integrity with knowledge and reliability – allowing the investor the control and authority to secure safe and burden free property investments.

The risk quantified is the risk minimised

To value an investment it must be looked at from all angles. Free of burdens with title deeds. Knowing the system and how it works (land development, real estate trends, local municipalities / authorities, planning, title deeds and energy efficiency) as intimately as Skyy does – is your guarantee to a safe and successful investment.

The right investment at the right price

Due diligence (technical, legal and financial) through investigation and analysis secures the potential interest of the investor in the best possible way. In a sea of properties where many are not ‘free and clear’ Skyy’s deep knowledge secures a factual legal status of every arrangement – which will be the best advice you can receive.

Skyy Projects

Investing in real estate involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and / or sale of real estate for profit. The following are some examples in which investors, with Skyy’s advice, support and guidance achieved that success.

Investment case history 1.

This development of eight detached holiday / rental homes with all the legal requirements met was a Skyy project from start to finish. The residential land was privately acquired by a private investor with due diligence and technical support. The optimisation of the investment through its pure and simple Cycladic architectural design, together with the management and supervision, delivered a fantastic, nearly all year round rental investment, free of any burdens.

Investment case history 2.

A primary residence for a private investor in the heart of the wine land. The project was designed, managed, supervised by Skyy and delivered free of any burdens. The agricultural land on which the environmentally friendly and elegant property was built, was acquired privately with Skyy’s due diligence and technical support.

Investment case history 3.

Originally a Skyy designed infrastructure construction project, the individual plot of land was acquired by the private investor with Skyy’s guidance, due diligence and technical support. This top value property with near zero net energy, high specs and fully automated, was designed, managed, supervised and delivered free of any burdens to the investor as his primary residence.

Investment case history 4.

Designed as the investors holiday home in Cyprus – the residential land was privately acquired with Skyy’s guidance, due diligence and technical support by the private investor. This luxury villa project with high quality materials was managed, supervised and delivered by Skyy free of any burdens.

Tailor made property investments

Based on your budget and expectations Skyy will source the appropriate plot of land anywhere in the Republic of Cyprus and in optimum conditions will construct for you a bespoke, high luxury, quality – near zero net energy exclusive project (residential or commercial). Peaceful, comfortable and affordable living are the hallmark of Skyy’s near zero energy and green projects.

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