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Living in Cyprus

Cyprus offers a relaxing, safe and friendly environment. A small and beautiful island with everything close. The islands exceptional coastline attracts visitors from around the world, who enjoy one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean. Above all the Cypriots are an extremely ingratiating people extending a warmth and welcome second to none.

Quality lifestyle

Known as the ‘Jewel of the Mediterranean’ the pleasant pace of life is virtually stress free. The options to relax in a near perfect outdoor climate are endless. A family destination for visitors and residents alike. The lifestyle in Cyprus has a certain unique quality and is conducive to good living.

Cyprus enjoys the very best of the Mediterranean climate, with long dry summers from May till October and very mild winters from December through February.

Both primary and secondary public as well as parallel private schools, have a reputation for high standards – private education is accredited. Universities and colleges in Cyprus are reputed and internationally recognised making them an ideal choice for those looking to continue their studies abroad, especially in the UK or the USA.

Cyprus provides state of the art public healthcare coverage both inexpensive and effective. Private healthcare provides skilled specialist physicians in every field and insurance is also relatively inexpensive.

Cyprus is a safe country. With one of the lowest crime rates in Europe it is rated as the fifth safest country in the world.

By comparison with most other European destinations the cost of living in Cyprus is considerably less:  Average comparisons – Rent 63% lower – Consumer prices – 35% lower – Restaurants -26% lower – Groceries -21% lower.

The island is located on the crossroads of three continents, making it an ideal destination for both business and pleasure. Known as a business hub it’s at the heart of well-connected air and shipping routes.

From both Larnaca and Paphos international airports scheduled flights have increased dramatically in numbers since 2014 – with added destinations and increased frequency both throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Cypriots have a well-deserved global reputation for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Visitors are made to feel very welcome and at home.

Even though Greek is the official native language in Cyprus, English and Russian are widely spoken. Bilingual and trilingual announcements and signs are the norm.

Cypriot cuisine is much like Greek cuisine and is combined with other influences from French, Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Food and dining are an essential element of every social occasion in Cyprus.

Known internationally for it’s exciting nightlife and satisfying all tastes, Cyprus nightlife can be as energetic, relaxed, or as romantic as you may wish.

Cyprus is home to more than fifty Blue Flag awarded beaches, making them amongst some of the most beautiful in the world.

Cyprus is home to stunning and rare flora and fauna life. There are a total of fifty two designated walking trails all enhanced by the year round favorable climates.

With four internationally acclaimed Golf courses – an immense variety of nature trails, cycling routes, water parks, zoos and parks there is incredible choice.

The ten thousand years of human habitation in Cyprus history has left its mark all over the island – with both ancient landmarks and unique treasures. Art, literature, music, traditional dance, concerts, and festivals are also on offer year-round.

Cyprus has both the East and West influencing her history through the ages. All the way through British Cyprus, her independence in 1960 and joining the European Union in 2004 – Cyprus has a rich and fascinating history.

The island’s robust and stable economy is significantly benefited by the service sector. Cyprus has succeeded in maintaining its economic and financial stability with full year growth in 2016 at an eight-year high.

Cyprus holds one of the lowest corporate tax rates across Europe at 12.5%. Additional Government incentives extend to non-domiciled Cyprus tax residents, making them exempt from taxation on dividends, capital gains, interest and rent. The islands double taxation agreements are in place with 45 countries.

Cyprus marked a turning point when it became a member of the EU in 2004. Important improvements and reforms were introduced due all in compliance with the EU regulations and legislation’s.

All property can be owned and passed on to descendants without being subjected to inheritance tax. Individuals control their properties from the moment they sign the Contract of Sales, which is then submitted to the Land Registry.

Property prices in Cyprus are relatively low by comparison with most other European destinations. There are also real opportunities to invest in Cypriot businesses.

Cyprus is home to two modern international airports, an excellent road network and modern marinas and ports.

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