EU Citizenship

Securing a second citizenship in the Republic of Cyprus for you and your family is a far more efficient process since changes were introduced by the Cypriot Government in September 2016 – it’s now the fastest route to European Citizenship.


With Government incentives for investors and significant choice, property acquisition in Cyprus has become an extremely attractive option. International investment into the Cyprus Property Market, for both developers and buyers, is now growing exponentially.

Permanent Residency

The fast track programme to permanent residency in Cyprus is available to all non-EU individuals seeking residency in an EU member state. A two month only process with a single real estate investment of €300,000 + VAT or by investing in a business in Cyprus, can secure it.

Business Opportunities

Strategically located Cyprus offers business a perfect springboard into other markets. Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East are all markets easily accessible. Choosing to grow your business in Cyprus secures very attractive corporate Tax incentives and real investment opportunities.

To invest in Cyprus is to invest in you

Cyprus achieves the envy of most other Global destinations by offering a perfectly balanced combination of Government incentivised investment opportunities and real quality living – in both safe and idyllic surroundings.
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