Access Europe Through Cyprus (EU) Permanent Residency

Cyprus Permanent Residency

The fast track programme to permanent residency in Cyprus is available to all non-EU nationals. It can be achieved quickly, within two months, through a single real estate investment into a new property (not re-sale) with a minimum value of 300,000 Euros plus VAT. The programme is available to the investor and spouse and parents of both investor and spouse. Dependent children up to the age of twenty-five are also eligible. Once secured the EU Permanent Residency is granted indefinitely. It’s an extremely easy and uncomplicated process with significant benefits.

A Three Day Personalised Fact Finding Visit to Cyprus
(accommodation included)

Fact Finding trip (accommodation included)

A planned and personalised three day fact finding trip to Cyprus, with us – will allow you every opportunity to realise a practical foundation to build a future in Cyprus from.

To Include

  • A no obligation – no charge private consultation with each of our certified providers (Legal, tax and accountancy – property, business and land specialists)
  • Property viewings suitable to your requirements and specifications.
  • Hotel accommodation paid including airport arrival and departure transportation.
  • Accompanied and transported to every appointment throughout the three days by one of our consultants.
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Cyprus Residence Permit by Investment – The Criteria

Property investment

The applicant must submit with their application proof of purchase (contract of sale or title deeds) for a single property investment – showing a minimum value purchase of 300,000 Euros from which there is proof of payment for at least 200,000 Euros.

Minimum annual income

There must also be proof of a minimum annual income from overseas of 30,000 Euros per applicant. This amount increases by 5000 Euros for each dependent child and 8000 Euros for each dependent parent (applicants or spouses).

Confirmation letter

A confirmation letter from a Cypriot Bank stating that funds of not less than 30,000 Euros has been deposited in the applicants account. This amount must be shown to have both originated and been transferred from overseas and must be pledged for three consecutive years into a fixed deposit account.

Applicant must commit to visiting Cyprus at least once every two years.

Commit to visiting Cyprus at least once every two years.

Non-criminal background certificate

Applicant must secure a certificate proving no criminal background from authorities in applicant’s country of origin.

Permanent residency by Investment in Cyprus
The benefits:

  • A lifetime permit to freely live in Cyprus.
  • The applicant and the family of the applicant secure a high European standard of life and a relatively low cost of living – in one of Europe’s safest countries.
  • Applicable to the entire family. Children, parents and grandparents.
  • As a permanent resident of Cyprus you can be eligible to apply for Cyprus Citizenship – with a physical presence of at least five out of seven years in Cyprus.
  • An extremely high standard of education with excellent private English language speaking schools linked to overseas higher learning institutions.
  • A first class healthcare system.
  • Enables applicant and family freedom of movement throughout Europe.
  • Freehold property ownership with no inheritance or gift tax.
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