Cyprus (EU) Citizenship by investment Program

Obtain an EU Passport approval within 3 months

Securing a second Citizenship in the Republic of Cyprus for you and your family is now far easier and more efficient since recent changes were introduced by the Government of Cyprus in September 2016. By making it possible to include the parents of the applicant and the parents of the applicant’s spouse and by also reducing the investment requirement, the process of naturalisation through investment has now been greatly simplified for Cyprus. The Cyprus programme for EU Citizenship is recognisably one of the most attractive options for a second passport and the only one with no residency requirement.

Investment options

The criteria to secure naturalisation in one of Europe’s most exciting destinations also delivers visa free access to over one hundred and forty countries. By fulfilling one of the following four financial criteria or a combination thereof, as an eligible applicant, Cypriot EU Citizenship by investment can be applied for.

Property investment

An investment amount of not less than 2 million Euros either in property purchase or building construction-which can either be a single property purchase or portfolio. The investment may also include land development projects.

Purchase or Participation in Cypriot companies

The applicant may invest an amount of not less than 2 million Euros in either purchasing, starting or participating in a Cypriot business. The Criteria being the business must have a physical presence in Cyprus and must employ at least five Cypriots.

Investment in Cypriot organizations licensed by CySec

Investments of at least 2 million Euro’s in alternative investment funds or in financial assets of Cyprus companies or organisations licenced by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

Combination of investments

Alternatively, any combination of the above, amounting to the required minimum 2 million Euros investment, which may also include investment into Government bonds, of up to a value of 500,000 Euro’s, is also an option.

As part of the overall criteria the investor must own a permanent private residence in Cyprus of not less than 500,000 Euros (+ VAT) in value. This applies only if the initial investment of up to 2 million Euros does not include a private property purchase.

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